Thursday, October 14, 2010

More of my imaginary Broadway career

I wrote this in a comment to a friend's status update on Facebook. He suggested I put it somewhere more public (more public than Facebook?!) so he can share it with his cow-orkers. Blame him.

As usual, the choice of music is left as an exercise for the Reader.

Spiral of Doom

Just sit right back for the conference call
A call that'll take all night,
That started with some Powerpoint
And no agenda in sight.
Facilitatin' this fine mess:
A Man'ger shiny and new,
But his reports they spanned the globe
And none of them had a clue
(Three hours and no clue.)

The meeting started getting rough
And they all blamed the boss,
If not for the drinks in the mini-bars
Action items would've been lost
(But at least they'd all be sauced.)

When that meeting hit hour five and he'd not passed chart two,
The Manager...
Said "Drink up lads!
Put it on the
Expense account.
We'll try again
Same time, next week
And there will be more attendees!"

[imagine a really great montage sequence here]

So this is the tale of a meeting gone wrong,
Stuck there for a long long time.
They'll have to make the best of things,
It's an uphill climb.
The Manager will get his boss
And try their very best,
To make the others sign on to
A plan that's now a mess:
No time, no spec, no budget left
Not a single new resource.
Like Babbage doing Engine work
As primitive as old Moorse.
Don't join us in the Spiral of Doom
This weekly misery
'Cause the fun's not over when we're done,
It's 3.